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Embrace Energy Management

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Gillian Gibbon

Despite obtaining the best possible pricing on your energy supply contracts, do you find it increasingly difficult to budget going forward and fear future price rises? Could you use Energy Management to reduce your usage and consider self- generation from renewable sources?

By December 2015 for all enterprises with 250+ employees and annual turnover of 50 million euros, it is mandatory to have energy audits carried out by accredited auditors under ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). Even if you are running a smaller organisation, energy management can help you improve your profit margins and control costs over the long term.

There are a number of stages to an Energy Management Review but the end result should be a comprehensive report assessing how energy is used, making recommendations on metering, monitoring and targeting, analysing how energy can be reduced and assessing renewable technologies and government funding. It should include supplier vetting and quotations, identify costs savings and ROI and provide a detailed action plan with performance specifications, timescales and funding options.

BUT we frequently find that clients have undertaken an Energy Review and then don’t implement it! Check this list and avoid these common errors!

  • Reports do not have enough detail to enable implementation
  • Suppliers not identified and vetted and quotations not obtained
  • Insufficient in- house expertise to implement
  • Insufficient management time or a lack of internal resource to deliver projects
  • Delays in financial approval and self- funding of projects has not been identified

My recent projects include a national leisure organisation where we conducted energy and water audits, manufacturers where lighting audits resulted in 50-75% electricity savings, and multi- site charities where we carried out energy management surveys and are looking at renewable energies.