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The increased use of digital communications and Apps on PCs, laptops, smart phones, and tablets has seen a major shift in the way consumers and organisations use and manage data and information. It has significantly reduced the volume of printed documents.

The present economic crisis has brought this issue into sharp relief – with countless offices sitting empty and millions of office workers working from home. Hundreds of thousands of copiers and printers are idle and probably will never be used again, yet it costs companies unprecedented sums of money in monthly
lease charges.

Most copier/printer contracts have either been oversold or are not fit for purpose and costing the user significantly more than it should.

  • Existing contracts overwhelmingly disadvantage SME’s
  • Excessive overcharging on copier rates for mono and colour pages are common
  • Contracts have been unnecessarily extended to favour the supplier and difficult to exit from
  • Total cost of ownership is unknown
  • Contracts are technically complex, and should therefore be specified and tendered
  • Evergreen contracts border on being fraudulent, definitely unscrupulous

What can be done?

No matter what the size of a printer/copier fleet is, significant sums of money can be saved.

1. Implement a document management strategy

Identify the total cost of ownership. To do this, implement an independent review of costs, usage, device location and need. Using resellers or manufacturers to specify equipment will disadvantage you.

2. Change supplier’s contracts

Most copier contracts are both onerous and often unscrupulous and cost the client excessive amounts of money.

Auditel are experts at ‘unpicking’ existing copier contracts and renegotiating them to get a much better and fairer deal for the client.

3. Framework Agreements

Public Sector Framework Agreements are available to buy a vast range of goods and services, including MFD’s & printers, but many organisations don’t have the knowledge to access them.

Auditel have developed a service to create easy access to use an independent MFD Framework Agreement that achieves the following objectives:

  • Provides Auditel clients with transparent, safe contracts, with none of the dubious clauses that dealers use
  • Provides the client with a choice of 3 market leading manufacturers equipment to choose from
  • Fixed pricing which speeds up analysis and cost saving comparisons with the current set up
  • Safeguards all Auditel clients for the duration of the contract
  • More flexibility with T&C’s
  • No hidden costs, value for money solutions, backed by HP, Sharp & Xerox

4. Printer Cartridges

The cost of printer cartridges (ink and toner) is exorbitantly high, but there is now an effective alternative. In recent years, there have been significant developments in creating fully compliant substitutes to original manufactured and branded products.

These replacement consumable products are fully guaranteed, accredited with full ISO quality standards, and can offer savings up to 50% (depending on printer device).

5. The Paperless Office

Reducing paper is the ultimate key to eliminating the costs associated with printing and copying and this in turn can improve productivity by 30%. Only 1% of EU businesses have a virtually paperless office.

  • The average business paper usage is expanding by 25% a year!
  • The average office worker uses 45 sheets of paper a day – half of which are thrown away!
  • One billion photocopies are made every day

Auditel are the UK’s leading independent Document Management consultancy and can advise you on how to significantly reduce the cost of printing and copying.

Article by: Alex Scott

As seen in Issue 6 of The Bottom Line