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Most printer/copier contracts are not fit for purpose – they can be onerous, unfair, and unscrupulous – they are sold in the best interests of the seller, and not the client! Resellers and manufacturers cannot be trusted to provide the best deals for clients, although they give that impression – selling by stealth. It is all smoke and mirrors!

Ironically, there are numerous legal firms who do not even understand the meaning behind the terms and conditions they sign up to, as they are written to confuse even the most experienced practitioners.

Time after time, Auditel’s experienced document management experts work with their clients to unpick and restructure these scandalous contracts; save substantial sums of money and improve service provision.

Back in Lockdown

As we enter a second lockdown, the economic downturn will drag on longer than previously expected and companies will be forced again to change the way they do business. With declining sales, they need to review every single operational cost line.
The fast-changing business landscape demands that companies need to be more flexible and agile; improve service; achieve greater value for money and reduce costs.

Printing, copying, and document management is one of the least examined costs and can yield significant savings. The new normal of working from home, combined with digital technologies and the growth of ‘Apps’, has significantly reduced the need for hard copy output.

As well as examining current contractual arrangements, the cost of copiers, printers and consumable costs can be reduced by implementing an audit of total print related costs. This is particularly relevant if devices are sitting idle in empty offices, with companies having to pay expensive quarterly lease charges with no benefit.

Print Audits

A Print Audit is a structured and in-depth analysis of a company’s printed output from desktop printers, copiers and multi-functional devices. This creates a base line from which to quantify addressable savings.

Auditel can help organisations identify and quantify potential savings from existing print and copying assets by reviewing the balance of work produced in-house and that being outsourced. It can also ensure print is directed to the most efficient output device.

This structured approach enables companies to reduce the number of devices, increase production utilisation per device and create a better use of space. An audit enables informed decision-making and should be undertaken with an end goal in mind to deliver real and lasting tangible benefits, including better terms and conditions.

An audit of an organisation’s decentralised printed output identifies a proven baseline cost from which to create strategic options.
The outputs can be used to refresh an existing fleet or create a tender specification for a reduced document management service.

Future Strategies

Any future strategy should focus on optimum asset utilisation and balanced deployment, across all areas of printed output, prioritising both cost efficiency and productivity and better, fairer contractual terms and conditions.

A professional audit process that properly defines organisational goals along with user requirements pays dividends when selecting the best-fit solution. By engaging a truly independent consultancy provider, this will ensure that the evaluation of an organisations print/copier operating environment will be structured in the client’s best interests.

The hidden cost of printing and copying deserves to be looked at in detail through a structured audit, where savings of 15 – 40% can be achieved.