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Are you developing innovation faster than your competitors?

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Posted by: Paul Foster

Are your customers able to contact you when they want, through their channel of choice, confident that you will respond quickly and accurately?

Continuous improvement in marketing, business communications, invoicing, collaboration and cash management is what will help grow your business faster than your competitors.

Innovation in 3 key areas, how are you doing? 

1. Unified Communications.

2. Outsourcing, collaboration and productivity.

3. Cash collection.

Costs, efficiency and competition, the landscape changes faster and faster – are you keeping up?

With more than 25 years of experience in business systems, marketing communications and outsourcing I have helped clients ranging from SMEs to strategic clients such as Barclays, HSBC, J Sainsbury, Providian Financial, Telegraph Group to innovate faster than their competitors.

What I do?

Many see me as someone who reduces overheads, and helps increase cash flow.

More specifically, I work with clients to identify and resolve problems that hinder business performance. Ultimately, I think the most valuable thing I bring to my clients is my ability to review, assess and negotiate optimal solutions to help their businesses grow, more often than not by working with their existing suppliers.

Are you developing innovations faster than your competitors?

Most overheads are at least 20% higher than they should be, many are 50%, 60% and over 100% as people pay too much for products and services that simply don’t fit their operational needs.

In a rapidly changing hyper competitive world, it’s never been more important to work with independent procurement specialists who can not only help you transform your business communications, but can be continually reviewing your business processes and overhead costs.