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Auditel Project Reveals £33,000 Worth of Savings for a Happy Client

By 30th July 2013May 17th, 2022No Comments

Burnley-based David Gray joined the Auditel Cost and Purchase Management Franchise in 2008. Prior to becoming a franchisee, he spent 21 years in the Royal Air Force as an aircrew linguist, flying on board the Nimrod R1 reconnaissance aircraft.

Since 2008, he has saved his clients many thousands of pounds by reducing overhead spending and by providing an effective, sustained cost management service. As David confirms: “ This can quickly improve profits and add to the bottom line. My projects have covered energy procurement and management, telecoms, stationery, cash-in-transit services, janitorial supplies and packaging to name but a few.”

David’s latest success…

“I have a client whose photocopiers were due to come to the end of their lease term in November. The incumbent and long-established supplier had already made an initial renewal offer in March. This included early repayment of the current leases. My client has never had any service issues or complaints and under normal circumstances, the company would have accepted the offer without question.”

However, as David points out, loyalty in staying with the same supplier for years, does not always pay. In a competitive marketplace, most suppliers allow prices to creep up over time. Sometimes this is justifiable but in some cases, it will border on the ridiculous, as is frequently seen.

David continues: “As I was already working with this client on other categories, I suggested that it would do no harm to let me take a look at the opportunity. I would test the marketplace, to give him peace of mind. The quotes I obtained from trusted sources were all in the same price range, and considerably lower than the incumbent’s offer. A site visit was arranged for my recommended supplier, to gather more information and to ensure that quotes were accurate.

“There was some trepidation to change their provider but the figures were too compelling to ignore. In the current economic climate over £11,000 a year savings for the next three years are not to be sniffed at. Moreover, this money goes straight back to the bottom line for my client, without him having to sell any more of his services to customers.

“Being a trusted advisor, my client relied on my integrity to introduce the new supplier. He knew that I would only present to him someone in whom I have the fullest confidence. The new machines were delivered in mid-July and now all staff are trained and happily using them, with no issues reported so far.

“I think we’d all like to have such easy access to £33,000 of extra profit in our businesses. Well, there is a way to find it without increasing sales. If you don’t know where to look, then Auditel do!”