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Cora is proud to now be working with their New Carbon Partner Auditel to deliver on their commitment of becoming Carbon Neutral while on their longer-term journey to reaching Net Zero.

Cora’s Mission is to create amazing places. They do this by striving to make a positive and lasting impact everywhere they go. They build and enhance green, safe, sustainable neighbourhoods with infrastructure for the long term. Luke Simmons, Managing Director comments. “Cora is determined to take a leadership position in our industry and we are committed to finding more ways to minimise our impact on the environment, deliver social value and support society, ensuring our actions fulfil our social purpose and increase the long-term viability of our business.  Our Purpose is to build excellent homes and climate resilient communities that make a positive contribution to the health, happiness and wellbeing of our customers.

We are working to create a better society, building energy efficient homes and climate resilient communities in more sociably responsible and sustainable ways, lessening the impact we have on our environment and building innovative partnerships to deliver these outcomes. As a responsible developer, we play our part in combating climate change and its impacts. We commit to cutting our greenhouse gas emissions, including a 50% reduction by 2030. Our world is experiencing rapid and unpredictable change and we can already see the results playing out in extreme weather, rising sea levels and lasting damage to natural habitats.

Tackling this unfolding crisis is the challenge of our century. So, we’re changing the way we operate. We are determined to create a lasting legacy and demonstrate best-in-class environmental stewardship in the housebuilding sector. We put sustainability at the heart of our mindset.” David Wilshin, Carbon Consultant at Auditel said, “From our first meeting, I have been very impressed with the team and culture at Cora. Their sincere commitment to working towards Net Zero is very inspiring and I look forward to helping them achieve it.”

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