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“We urgently need every business, investor, city, state and region to walk the talk on their net zero promises. We cannot afford slow movers, fake movers or any form of greenwashing.” António Guterres, UN Secretary General

It is great to see Catherine McKenna, Chair for the UN High-level Experts Group, speaking out on Greenwashing claims by businesses across the globe at the COP 27 meeting this week with the release of “Integrity Matters” report from HLEG.

The report says “To prevent dishonest climate accounting and other actions designed to circumvent the need for deep decarbonization, we emphasize that non-state actors [businesses] must report publicly on their progress with verified information that can be compared with peers.”

It goes further to say that one of its five guiding principles is that all businesses should establish credibility through plans based in science and third-party accountability. It is time for Governments and consumers to start holding business accountable for the emission claims they make. Many in the sector are predicting increased scrutiny of emissions claims with UK bodies such as the Advertising Standards Agency and CMA making statements of their intention to act on false or misleading claims. This, with the speculation of further possible legislation on reporting standards means the time of ill considered, unverified and lazy carbon reporting should be coming to an end.

In line with our values and belief in the need to ensure any environmental claims which are made are substantiated, all Auditel Carbon Inventory Reports also undergo a rigorous internal verification process.

At Auditel we believe that ANY claims made regarding GHG emissions (Carbon Footprint) need to comply with the strictest of standards. With an increasing demand from consumers, investors, media, staff, and the public for accurate and meaningful measurement of an organisations’ carbon footprint, it has never been more important to ensure our clients can trust in our work.

All Auditel Consultants are required to have every Carbon Footprint Report they produce verified as an accurate and true reflection of the subjects’ emissions. This internal audit & quality assurance verification process will assess the inventory work and subsequent report content, based on either PAS2060:2014, PPN 06/21 or ISO 14064-1 requirements.

Our UK wide network of practices allows us to carry out all internal verification to ISO 14064-3 standards by a separate practice not linked to the project in any way. Your CFR will be supported by a formal verification statement.

A full copy of the UN report can be found