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05 Jul 2018 | Filed under: ICT

Is your board asking the right questions about IT?

For decades now, Boards have understood that new technology will help them gain an advantage but have been asking the wrong questions so haven’t been able to fully utilise the gains the new technology promises.

Instead of asking “What’s the name of that new system?” ask “How is the nature of competition in our industry changing due to IT?”.

Instead of asking “How does our competition retain customers?” ask “How can new technology help us to exceed our customers’ expectations?

Instead of asking “How do we include IT in our business plan?” ask “Have we factored the full potential of new innovations in IT into our business plans?

Instead of asking “Have we invested in that?” ask “Is our IT investment portfolio aligned with opportunities and threats?

Instead of asking “Can we do the same as them?” ask “Can IT make us more agile, both operationally and strategically?

Instead of asking “Whose fault is it?” ask “Are we holding the right people to account for our IT performance?

Instead of asking “Is it secure?” ask “Do we understand our level of IT risk and is the level of risk appropriate for our business?

Instead of asking “Do we use Social Media?” ask “What is our IT story?

Being proactive about IT at a board level is essential to getting value for money from the technology. So, start asking the right questions today, and see what a difference it makes to YOUR business.

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