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04 May 2018 | Filed under: Outsourcing

Why outsourcing might be right for your business

Small businesses often suffer from a lack of man hours. In order for the business to grow, time and effort is required, but too often that time is filled with routine tasks. Outsourcing could be the magic bullet for business growth if you can see an opportunity but lack the resources to grab it.

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Pay only for what you’re using

When nurturing a small business, it can be vitally important to get good professionals, but they can be expensive to employ. Outsourcing tasks such as book-keeping or admin means you only pay for the hours they’re working for you – and don’t need to spend funds essential for business growth on NI contributions, pension schemes, sick pay or any of the other costs of being an employer. HR costs are minimal as you aren’t an employer. Plus, you can easily arrange holiday and sick leave cover – a service many outsourcing companies offer transparently.

The pick of the bunch

It also means you can pick and choose who you contract. A few hours with an experienced professional could do much more for your business growth options that a few days with a cheaper, but ill-experienced employee. Especially if the former has a particular skillset in high demand.

You also get to choose your colleagues. When outsourcing it is far easier to drop someone just because you have a personality clash. You can continue to send work to those freelancers you are happy to work with which allows you to build a stronger team.

If you’re ready to take the next step in exploring the potential for your business? Then contact me and we can talk.

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