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23 Jul 2018 | Filed under: Video, Waste

Fat, Oil and Grease

Wouldn’t it be something if fat, oil and grease could become a thing of the past?

Imagine if your commercial kitchen could say goodbye to fat oil and grease or FOG forever?

Imagine if there was a solution to the problem that costs your business so much in time, effort and money, which you are only trying to control?

Figures show that in the UK, 80% of sewer blockages, equaling 88 million pounds a year, relate to fat, oil and grease.

Food service businesses just like yours are having to suffer the risks caused by FOG.

Water companies are coming down hard on businesses as they begin to act on the powers that they have, to enforce regulation.

As part of Auditel’s commitment to our food service clients, we continually strive to address problems and help put solutions in place. In terms of FOG we understand that it’s not just the inconvenience of blocked drains and sewers. Current systems may break down a blockage only to move it on to re-form further down a pipe, causing odour, another blockage or flooding.

There are real costs involved, such as the cost of increased maintenance on appliances, plumbing and pumps when unwanted blockages occur.

All due to fat, oil and grease.

We hear from our clients that the solutions available to them fall way short of ideal. There is a perception that the costs of products and chemicals to fight FOG, are sadly an unwanted but necessary expense, necessary to stay operational. And that buying less expensive chemicals does not make a huge difference either. There might also be invisible costs of staff time and intervention when FOG attacks.

We believe that we’re now getting to grips with this precise issue.

New technologies are available, which tear up the traditional play books on how to combat the problems of FOG.

And given the opportunity, I’d like to share these with you and help your kitchen say goodbye to FOG, making good on our promise of increased profitability. Implementing a unique, managed system which can be fully monitored, measured and verified. A system that can produce results and release hard earned revenue within your business, to be put to better use than fighting fat, oil and grease.

So what do I do? I hear you say.

Well it’s quite simple, let’s just connect using any of the methods shown below, and we can talk about it.

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