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04 Jul 2018 | Filed under: ICT

Cloud vs On Premises – which is right for you?

With offers from providers such as Microsoft to encourage the migration to cloud technologies, it can be very tempting to see only the benefits. And while the benefits are undeniable, there are plenty of reasons why a cloud-computing model – or at least one that incorporates public clouds – is undesirable.

Legal compliance

GDPR should have highlighted the need to keep data secure, and it may be difficult, or even impossible, to guarantee data security in a public cloud.


By its very nature, the cloud is available everywhere, which makes it vulnerable everywhere. You need to ensure that you really understand the risk to your data before you entrust it to the cloud.


Do you know where your data is? Do you even have a guarantee of what jurisdiction it falls under if you place it in the cloud? With an on-premises solution you can be sure you know exactly where your data is being stored.


Cloud technology promises the same apps and data wherever you are. But the fact is that you need a reliable network connection and they simply aren’t available in some areas.


You can’t control public broadband speeds meaning some days your high bandwidth cloud apps will run slowly. It’s far easier to manage network latency if all the wires and connections are kept in-house.


Finally, the bottom line – do you trust your cloud technology supplier to provide the service and security they promise? If not, maybe you should be looking for an alternative.

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