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02 Aug 2018

Understanding Energy Contracts for Business

The way in which business energy is being transported to your business by suppliers and the way in which you pay is changing. If you are moving into new premises or changing supplier, setting up a new contract should make Read on →

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02 Aug 2018

Can your Organisation be 100% GDPR Compliant?

We can’t all be compliance specialists for GDPR, but if you run your own business you certainly shouldn’t ignore how important it is. Despite the deadline of May 2018 this is something you should be continually looking at. Online business Read on →

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02 Aug 2018

Say Hello to Frank

Switching to a franking machine could save your business money if you send more than five second class letters or parcels per day. The franking revolution has really taken off since the Royal Mail changed the complex rate structure that Read on →

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23 Jul 2018

Fat, Oil and Grease

Wouldn’t it be something if fat, oil and grease could become a thing of the past? Imagine if your commercial kitchen could say goodbye to fat oil and grease or FOG forever? Imagine if there was a solution to the Read on →

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09 Jul 2018

Making Business Buying Decisions

Hello I’m Paul Strachan and I operate a registered office of the Auditel network, I work with organisations of all sizes to help them become more profitable, improve their efficiencies and help them in time to become more productive. It’s Read on →

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05 Jul 2018

Is your board asking the right questions about IT?

For decades now, Boards have understood that new technology will help them gain an advantage but have been asking the wrong questions so haven’t been able to fully utilise the gains the new technology promises. Instead of asking “What’s the Read on →

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04 Jul 2018

Cloud vs On Premises – which is right for you?

With offers from providers such as Microsoft to encourage the migration to cloud technologies, it can be very tempting to see only the benefits. And while the benefits are undeniable, there are plenty of reasons why a cloud-computing model – Read on →

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