Shaping the future of business performance

For over two decades Auditel has pioneered the discipline of strategic cost management leading the way in lowering the cost of doing business.

Through its people, tools, knowledge and process, Auditel has built lasting relationships with over 3,700 medium and large-sized organisations across the UK and Ireland by helping them to analyse, benchmark, manage and review their business costs.

With specialists in over 100 business cost areas and a broad range of industry sectors, Auditel experts are fully equipped to understand your organisation and the challenges you face.

A cost-effective way to profit improvement

Auditel combines powerful advanced analytical tools with an unrivalled knowledge base to monitor and examine business costs from every angle and keep expenditure under control. With the Total Cost of Purchase® process at its core, Auditel’s approach to strategic cost management delivers sustainable profit improvement, reduces waste and frees up in-house resources.