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Outstanding Apprentice Achievement Award 2015

17 Mar 2015 | Written by: jenni

Congratulations to Auditel apprentice Andrew White, who has won the Outstanding Apprentice Achievement Award 2015. The Award, which recognises Apprentices who have made a significant contribution to their workplaces, was presented to Andrew by Peter Burns, MBE, President of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce at a special ceremony during National Apprenticeship Week last […]

Why Cost Reduction Isn’t The Answer

10 Mar 2015 | Written by: jenni

If you had all the time in the world, you could find places to save money Management accounts, invoicing, debt collection, paying suppliers, payroll, Month End, preparing for Year End. Like many of our clients you may simply not have the time or headspace to properly tackle essential costs and their impact on your budgets. […]

Mr Moffitt’s Profits Times: March Edition

09 Mar 2015 | Written by: jonathanmoffitt

  Moscow using energy supplies as a political weapon is nothing new space With about a third of the EU’s oil coming from Russia (40-50% comes through the Ukraine pipeline system). It seems that attempts to diversify supply cannot happen fast enough. Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom shut-off westward deliveries in 2006 and 2009. So […]

Fuel for Thought

04 Mar 2015 | Written by: ianhopping

Despite the recent drop in fuel prices, the cost of filling your company car or transit van has still risen by 50% over the last decade. 10 years ago a litre of diesel cost as little as 78p per litre. Now it’s closer to 116p per litre.  This means that the fuel costs of driving […]

7 Common Objections To Using A Cost Management Company

04 Mar 2015 | Written by: jenni

Everyone wants to save time and money and in your role , you are probably bombarded with information and meeting requests by companies promising to save you money Even if you think involving someone else is probably a good idea, you will also have some or all of the following common concerns about getting help […]

Don’t miss the end of March deadline to appeal your business rates

26 Feb 2015 | Written by: david

Further to my last article, companies I work with have been reviewing their business rates. As business leaders, no one wants to waste opportunity. With the end of March deadline fast approaching, your business may be entitled to large refunds on costs dating back to 2010 on the business rates paid across the country. The […]

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) update

25 Feb 2015 | Written by: nigelcollins

It is now about 4 months since the first professional registers were approved as offering qualified lead assessors and it is interesting to review developments so far. The reaction from a lot of organisations to ESOS has been somewhat cynical with ESOS being viewed as a tax. This is disappointing given that with the right […]

The Auditel Business Hub Partnership (BHP) – An intern’s perspective

23 Feb 2015 | Written by: jenni

Posted by: Elliot Green, Marketing Intern Impressions: customer focused, hugely supportive, warm and friendly and overall a highly useful service area that any cost-aware business can benefit from. I started working for the Business Hub Partnership back in December 2014. As the go-to social media savvy digital marketing intern, I was responsible for establishing the […]

Increase YOUR cash flow by cutting energy bills

21 Feb 2015 | Written by: paulfoster

There are many economic factors outside of your control, but you can easily increase your cash flow with 3 simple steps towards reducing your energy bills. Pay less – nearly 81% of SMEs fail to shop around for better deals. Use less – many SMEs have no idea how to cut their energy usage. Check your […]

A Partnered Relationship will Save Money & your Supply Chain

10 Feb 2015 | Written by: paulmillican

It’s a very simple idea: suppliers need customers, and businesses need their suppliers. Without acknowledging this co-dependent relationship, there can be no effective supply chain – and without an effective supply chain, businesses can’t operate to their fullest potential. Unfortunately, whilst in pursuit of short term cost-cutting measures to drive down spending and raise margins, […]



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