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With the changes in the water market which launched in April 2017 -what does this mean for businesses?

07 Sep 2017 | Written by: jenni

Water and sewage services are now deregulated for all business customers which means your business can buy their water from whoever is offering the best deal – just like you can with electricity and gas. In theory, this should mean that 1.2million businesses should be able to benefit from reduced water bills but there’s more […]

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What is the residential care sector doing to bridge the current funding gap?

16 Aug 2017 | Written by: jenni

With many local authorities facing budgetary cuts, and an unclear future regarding the political landscape, especially with a looming Brexit, authorities are left with no option but to revert to more commercial thinking and initiatives when it comes to the funding of residential care. Capitalising on business growth In a conference in July held by […]

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What a CEO looks for from a procurement team

16 Aug 2017 | Written by: jenni

While there have been many changes over the years when it has come to the basic objectives of procurement and supply chain, the one thing that remains constant is to provide the organisation with costs that are competitive, a quality that is unfailing and delivery that is on time. Procurement however also adds values in other ways, such as […]

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The Impact of Brexit on Hospitality

16 Aug 2017 | Written by: jenni

There has been plenty of talk and many views aired with regards to Brexit and what it means for the food and hospitality industries. Amongst these articles and their various findings what stood out was a study conducted by William Reed. Potential Brexit issues The study revealed that if Brexit wiped out 20% from the […]

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The benefits of Fleet Outsourcing

15 Aug 2017 | Written by: jenni

Reduction in costs via outsourcing is a tempting option for many, but what many business owners don’t realise is that the savings aren’t just limited to the short term. With thorough analysis of your business needs both now and into the future completed before you sign any fleet management contract, you could reap the short, […]

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Are you ready for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in 2018?

05 Aug 2017 | Written by: paulfoster

GDPR is undoubtedly strict, but not impossible and the fines for failure are large! So, what is changing? Fines for non-compliance are increasing significantly and will will reach an upper limit of €20 million or 4% or annual global turnover – whichever is higher. For example, the fine for TalkTalk’s data breach would have been […]

Mr. Moffitt’s Profits Times – August 2017

01 Aug 2017 | Written by: jonathanmoffitt

download as pdf Excess Capacity Charges FROM 1ST APRIL 2018, DCP 161 WILL COME INTO EFFECT. WHAT IS IT, AND WILL YOUR BUSINESS BE IMPACTED? Ofgem has brought in DCP 161 to make sure that any half hourly electricity supplies that go over their designated available capacity pay substantially more. Steve Mead, an Auditel colleague, […]

How do banks protect themselves from hacking attacks?

31 Jul 2017 | Written by: paulfoster

May and June this year saw ransomware attacks sweep across the globe affecting entire operations with the NHS in the UK among those being targeted. Only last week, we’ve just seen Europe’s largest banking security breach this year. Data from 400,000 UniCredit client accounts was stolen in the hack and the bank insisted they “immediately […]

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Electricity Billing Changes that Demand Your Attention! (aka DCP 161)

31 Jul 2017 | Written by: MrOverheads aka David Powell

Three quick questions for any company wanting to keep their electric costs to a minimum Do you have a Half Hourly meter? (nb. Recent changes aka P272 may mean you unknowingly do.) 2. Do you know what your Available Capacity is? 3. Do you know what your Maximum Demand is? If not, further investigation is […]

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Changes in the Trading Price of Wholesale Gas

27 Jul 2017 | Written by: jenni

The energy market is currently awash with pricing speculation following rapid changes in the trading price of wholesale gas within the UK. Recently it was announced that the country’s key gas storage facility called ‘Rough’ was closing. Rough, owned by Centrica, opened in 1985 and has the ability to store up to 9 days gas supply for […]

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