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The Carbon Trust Launches Green Business Fund

03 May 2016 | Written by: jenni

On the 18th of April 2016, The Carbon Trust will launch its new Green Business Fund. The fund, worth £7m, will allow SME’s (<250 employees) to replace out of date, inefficient systems and equipment and ultimately improve business efficiency and productivity. New research undertaken by The Carbon Trust found that almost half of senior decision […]

New business rates valuations coming Sept 16: Prepare now to challenge “excessive” bills ahead of April ’17

21 Apr 2016 | Written by: ronyellon

All commercial properties pay business rates in the UK – occupied and vacant and £26bn p.a. is yielded on 1.9 million assessments.  All UK properties are currently being revalued, and it’s expected that some bills will increase substantially.  The new Rateable Value will be released in September.  Every business has the right to challenge their […]

What gets measured gets done!

21 Apr 2016 | Written by: jenni

A nursery requires good administration and efficient information systems to function well. The ‘what gets measured, gets done’ approach gives managers the opportunity to identify the most important information and to assess weaknesses and strengths… Build a Management Information System There are four key elements to this: Define the critical information needed for your business […]

Certaine Queries Answered

20 Apr 2016 | Written by: davidgould

According to Wikipedia, the practice of compiling FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) goes back to Plato and Thomas Aquinas (example here).  Witchfinder-General Matthew Hopkins published a list with the title “Certaine Queries Answered” in The Discoverie of Witches (1647). The modern incarnation was developed by NASA in the early 1980s. When I explain Auditel and its services, […]

Water deregulation: Are you ready for April 2017?

12 Apr 2016 | Written by: gilliangibbon

In just one year from now, we’re going to see a major shake-up of the water industry. In April 2017 the entire business market for water in England will be deregulated. What does this mean for English businesses and how should you prepare?  Emulating the Scottish model Within the UK, water market deregulation is not […]

Why is a Free Market Conservative Government Setting the Pay for 18% of UK Workforce?

05 Apr 2016 | Written by: paulfoster

Conservative Governments claim markets work pretty well, yet interfere by increasing the minimum wage for over 25s from 1st April 2016 by 7.5% and hiking medium earnings by 60% by 2020! We have a government that leaves the Steel Industry to the market while other countries slap trade tariffs on Chinese Steel to protect their own […]

How much more are you paying for your fixed price electricity contract?

04 Apr 2016 | Written by: paulfoster

How are you going to afford the rapidly rising tax and distribution costs? Electricity (including losses) – 43.7% going down. The other half of your energy bill is made up of the following charges which are going up! Supplier Retail Costs – 2.1% static  Transmission Charges (TNUoS) – 9.5% and going up Distribution Charges (DUoS) – […]

Slavery in supply chains

03 Apr 2016 | Written by: stevengodfrey

On 29 October 2015 section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into force.  The ‘Transparency in Supply Chains’ regulations apply to companies or partnerships who: a)    conduct business within the UK b)    supply goods and/or services c)    have a global turnover in excess of £36m Overseas companies with UK subsidiaries will need individual […]

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Taking Your Business To The Next Level

30 Mar 2016 | Written by: jenni

In today’s competitive market place time restrained business owners can find themselves neglecting basic business skills and techniques which, over time, could impact on the company’s financial performance. We are delighted to invite you to a unique opportunity to hear from 4 established businesses providing informative and constructive guidance on ways you can improve your […]

Top Tips for Charities

22 Mar 2016 | Written by: luisakeig

In the current economic situation, charities are really feeling the pinch. Faced with cuts in Central Government funding and donations falling by as much as 20%, there is very little light at the end of what appears to be a very long tunnel. So where can cost savings be made in the charity sector? Outlined […]



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