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09 Jan 2014 | Filed under: David Powell, Phil Bennett, Why we do what we do

WHY do we do WHAT we do – Our Passion….


“Our passion is to simplify the working lives of the people we work with.  We do this by giving them back the time they need to do the job they started out to do in the first place.  We deal with all those things they know they need to do, but never get the time – the bottom half of their to-do list – and by the amalgamation of small gains, give them back their time and just happen to increase their profits.”


We’ve been thinking internally a lot lately about how to articulate, why we do what we do i.e. what is our passion.  In the process we came across the Simon Sinek Ted Talk [see below] which led us to pull together the above paragraph.  Simon Sinek talks about why certain people and certain companies inspire action from others, may we suggest you take the 18 minutes and 5 seconds to watch it through, once you’ve finished reading this article of course.



Any of you who know us will know that this mantra sounds somewhat familiar, if a little more succinctly expressed.  We talk about these things passionately and do so because we mean it.  Those of you who work with us already will know it by the results we deliver, but might not understand the theory behind why we do the things we do.  We are driven by a need to see things done correctly, done transparently and done accurately.  First time, every time.  We are fastidious in our method and our work for all of our Clients, so much so that we estimate 80% of our work is paid for by the 20% of our work for which we can charge.

The savings we create are, in essence, a by-product of our process working correctly… Though, admittedly, a happy one!

If you like the idea of getting back to why you are supposed to be sitting down at your desk today, and you like the idea of working with a team of people who will skilfully, wilfully and tirelessly work on your behalf to make you more efficient and better prepared, then…

Simplify your life. Speak to us.

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