Auditel – managing the costs of the Transport Sector

A row of haulage trucksThe Transport sector is a diverse and complex environment. From logistics firms and hauliers through to shipping companies and fleet management there is continued pressure to demonstrate business growth set against a backdrop of increasing operating costs, new supply chain concepts and the demands of globalisation.

Running costs

With these challenges at the forefront, most transport and logistics firms overlook the important management of costly business overheads such as telecommunications, energy and other utilities and miss out on the opportunity to accelerate businesses performance.

Auditel Success Stories

Hot Brands Ltd

Hot Brands Ltd
Hot Brands Ltd
is a well established company who specialise in the distribution of branded, end-of-season footwear & clothing. Read on

Transport Saving Tips

Conduct an energy audit

Taking regular meter readings and comparing consumption over a number of months is a good idea. Better still ask an Auditel energy management consultant to do it for you.

Convert to high efficiency lighting

Convert to high efficiency lighting in warehousing and large storage areas. Installing new high frequency fluorescent lighting extends lamp life and can often reduce consumption by around 25%.