Restaurants benefit from Auditel’s expertise

Service area in restaurantAs a restaurant owner or manager, you know all about the day to day challenges of getting customers through the door. Competition is fierce, brand loyalty is fickle. To succeed, you need to keep both eyes on building and nurturing your core business.

Keeping track of costs

In most cases this means there is little or no time left for managing essential costs such as energy, telecoms, waste and other non-core expenditure. Left unchecked these costs may be undermining your hard won profits and in some cases presenting a very real threat to your business.

Take energy for example. Restaurants consume 7 or 8 times as much energy per square foot as most other businesses and, in our experience, are paying over 20% more for their gas and electricity supplies than they should be, year after year.

Auditel Success Stories

SDL Minorfern

SDL MinorfernSDL Minorfern is one of the UK’s leading distributor of replacement parts for cars and vans.

They offer a full all makes programme covering European, American, Japanese & Korean Vehicles as well as an extensive range of motor oils and consumables. Read on

Restaurant Saving Tips

Switch to energy saving lighting

Expensive Tungsten halogen spot lighting is commonly found in restaurants. Savings can be achieved by using 35W bulbs with an infrared reflective coating (IRC) instead of the standard 50W bulbs.

Turn down the thermostat in your restaurant

A 1°C reduction in temperature will hardly be noticed and can shave 7% off your energy bills. Consider fitting thermostatic radiator valves.

Have boilers serviced regularly

A regularly serviced boiler can save as much as 10% on annual heating costs. Boilers, hot water tanks, pipes and valves should be insulated to prevent heat escaping.