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25 Jun 2018 | Filed under: Water

How much water does an average school consume ???

Recent investigations have revealed that an average primary school in the UK uses between 27 and 35 litres of water per pupil per day, which equates to approximately 7m3 per pupil per year. In secondary schools the average per pupil is higher at between 30 and 55 litres per day, circa 11m3 per pupil per year. These figures were produced following a study of over 2800 schools by Anglian Water and the Environment Agency.

Using this information we were able to identify that one school had annual consumption of approximately 3000m3 per year above the national average and this has naturally triggered an enquiry as to why? It could of course be down to specific requirements of the school leading to high usage, or more likely there is a leak issue.
We are now starting to analyse all our schools water usage as compared to national averages and are able to make various recommendations as to measures that can be put in place accordingly.

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