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A collection of stationeryWhen it comes to managing costs many businesses focus on the major expenditures such as energy or communications, but often neglect the smaller ‘incidental’ overheads.

From office supplies, stationery and print through to freight, warehousing or waste management every business will incur a long tail of other cost categories. Left unchecked, these costs can fall through the cracks, however once you start adding them together, you’ll be surprised how they begin to stack up.

Complacency costs

Decisions on purchasing relatively inexpensive items, such as consumables, are often left at a relatively low level, and often remain the responsibility of staff rather than the FD or purchasing department. Organisations are also less inclined to monitor this spend.

Auditel Success Stories

WasteCare Ltd

WasteCare collect and recycle over 60,000 tonnes of hazardous and difficult waste, on behalf of over 20,000 organisations annually throughout the UK. Read on

Business Supplies & Services Saving Tips

Check your bills

Do you check that your bills are correct? Pay attention to your non-core costs. Do you check for overcharges and unusual volume of usage? How do you know that printer ink cartridges aren’t going ‘missing’?

Have a clear understanding of what is being used

Understand what your non-core costs are. Ask yourself the question, Could I give a stationery supplier a detailed breakdown of the products that I purchase?

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