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27 May 2011 | Filed under: Neil Short, OFWAT, Regulations, Water

Business encouraged to ask for choice of Water supplier

Water is one of the big utility bills that every consumer and business face. With a lack of competition, consumers and businesses rarely question their bills, they just accept them and pay up (often overlooking billing errors, avoidable charges, inappropriate tariffs, oversize pipes, mis-read meters etc etc)

By 2014/2015 hopefully, competition will be introduced to the market, but only if the consumer speaks up.  According to OFWAT, the major water suppliers have already put their cases forwards as to why or why not competition should be introduced, but a very small percentage of the consumer/business base has.

Without SME’s & businesses around the country encouraging water competition and demanding that it is a necessary for the industry and economy, it will not be introduced, according to OFWAT.  Switching water suppliers should be as encouraged and easy to do as switching energy suppliers. (Please see the link below for more information)


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