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13 Jul 2011 | Filed under: BT, Contractual Terms, Neil Short, Small Print, Telecoms

BT Unlimited Calls, Landline & Broadband for only £1.35 per day

BT’s latest offer came through our door this morning (though it’s been around for a while now). It looks like a great offer giving your business Unlimited Calls, Broadband and the Line Rental included for just £1.35 per day.

However if you read the small print and know what the BT terminology means the offer isn’t quite as good as it first appears (though in some circumstances it might work depending on your calling patterns)

Exchange Area

The small print says “The £1.35 per day is only available in Exchange Area 3. If you are in an Exchange Area  1 or 2, the daily rate will be £1.45” – it took us a bit of research and several BT departments to find out what an Exchange Area is:

  • Exchange 3 areas are based on the amount of competitors using that particular Exchange, and this is defined by four or more rival suppliers, including BT.  Geographically, most major UK cities will be exchange area 3 ( , however if you are basing your business in a small town or rural Britain,  you are very likely to be in Exchange Area 1 or 2.

New Lines

  • If you need a new line you would be charged installation costs of £99 per line. This is also true if coming back to BT from an LLU line (e.g. most Opal/Talk Talk lines are LLU).

Call Package

The Call Package you would be contracted for would be the BT Business One Plan Inclusive (OPI).

  • Although this is called an unlimited calls package, unfortunately, there is a fair usage policy, which equates to 5,000 minutes to land lines (including 0870, 0845 and International landline numbers), and 300 minutes to mobiles.
  • However the real devil is in the online t&c’s. With this call plan however, calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. So if you call a mobile, for instance, and connect to voicemail for a split second (even without leaving a message), the policy dictates that your call is rounded up to the next minute. 300 of these calls, would use up all of your mobile allowance on OPI, without you even having a conversation.  So 300 minutes to a mobile really isn’t much allowance at all.
  • The cost of calls to landlines & mobiles outside the bundle are well above currently available market rates from other BT Wholesale providers
  • The 0870 and 0845 included also seems like a good deal when read quickly, however, if you pause to consider for a second, the majority of companies taht ou are likely to be calling are now switching to 0844 or 0871 which are NOT included.


The Broadband part of this value package also has a little sting.

  • First of all, this package is NOT unlimited – in fact you are limited to 10GB per month usage (that’s uploads and downloads). 10Gb is plenty for normal SME email & web usage BUT for instance if you use online backup e.g. Mozy, Carbonite etc or Dropbox or you stream lots of video then 10Gb can very easily be reached.
  • The cost for each 3Gb over is £4, and over 20Gb is truly unlimited at £25 per month extra.
  • Also your router doesn’t come for free with this package. The usual charge for a router from BT is approximately £60.

Contract Term

All of this would all be available on a 2 year term only, with a 24 month rollover on the calls package (but not the lines or broadband)


So in conclusion this package is best for a small business with only a few lines that calls mostly landline numbers and an above average call length, backs up on site not online and is not a heavy data user.

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