Managing the cost of doing business

Doing business in the UK is expensive and increasingly complex. From growing energy and wage bills, to the increasing cost of legislation and corporate social responsibility, organisations of every size are feeling the squeeze on profitability.

Making sure you don’t waste money by rigorously controlling your essential business overheads is a quick and direct way to put profit back onto your bottom line. However, unless you have in-house specialists, how can you achieve this without diverting existing resources away from your core business and adding to the overall cost of your overheads?

We work alongside Business Owners, Finance Directors and Company Boards to provide specialist advice. You can compare the Finance Director in a company to your local GP who manages the overall health of the company well and may even have specialisms in his/her sector, much like a GP may have a specialist knowledge of the health concerns of a community/sector of society e.g. Alcohol, Obesity, Heart Disease etc they’ll still refer the patient to a specialist for specific problems. The FD does the same e.g. a Tax Specialist, Corporate Finance for Mergers/Acquisitions etc – we are a specialist in managing indirect costs and work alongside and support the FD.

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