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03 May 2017 | Filed under: ICT

Digital transformation and what it means to businesses

With the increased use in smartphones, tablets, online purchasing and numerous business and consumer applications, the way business operations are being digitally transformed in a way that is placing pressure on IT managers to rapidly expand and upgrade their networks.

Network investment is being driven by a huge growth in data storage and transmission. This is particularly relevant in the retail sector where customer experience helps drive revenue. In order to harness the extra data capacity available outside of the MPLS network whilst still maintaining security at every point of presence, there are technical challenges to be met.

SD-WAN can provide the solution and whilst it can result in cost savings compared to the alternatives, customer experience may be a much higher priority and is measurable. Faster deployment and flexibility when compared to using MPLS can give expanding or developing businesses a huge advantage.

This does not of course rule out using MPLS as this may still form the core method of handling data where QoS and security dictate. The key is to engage with a supplier who has the best technology and resource and to align the network design with the business requirements.

Auditel has partnered with the world’s largest technology services distributor. This enables us to tap into a significant technical resource and to procure the right solution for our clients.

If you would like to know more, please contact Nigel Collins – – 01298 74555

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