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Mr. Moffitt’s Profits Times – September 2017

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Business Supplies & Stationery


Which is the best method for businesses to analyse Office supplies and stationery savings?

I would advise all businesses that are serious about making significant, sustainable and on-going savings on their supplies and consumables to engage with a cost-management consultancy such as Auditel to have a true, independent review of costs. Auditel will go into far greater detail than most business will have time to and have a much wider knowledge of products, suppliers and other methods to control savings.

In terms of actual analysis Auditel work closely with an excellent supplier called Wise Supplies to provide free of charge, no obligation savings analysis – in the last 50 cases we saved on average 28% against the client’s current supplier and all we need is the last 3 months’ invoices, so there really is nothing to lose!

Is it better/cheaper to use “own brand” products and does this compromise quality?

This depends on what the product is being used for. Wise Supplies carries varying levels of own brand products to provide a ‘Good, Better, Best’ set of ranges to cater for all requirements. Any item within those ranges will still be significantly cheaper than the Branded / Premium equivalent.

We also recommend trialling any changes from a branded to own brand product if it’s heavily used in a business and we are happy to provide free samples for these purposes, for Copier Paper or Compatible Toner Cartridges.

How do you ensure that your staff order from Wise Supplies instead of the previous provider?

We have a three-stage process to ensuring all users / staff / sites within a customer’s business use Wise Supplies. Firstly, we engage with all key site members to ensure their individual requirements in terms of products, pricing and service are understood prior to implementing their account.

Secondly we provide on-line (via webinar) and/or on—site training for all staff as required to ensure they are using the ordering system in the correct manner – this also gives them the chance to voice any concerns or issues.

Finally, we then have a continuous review process where we contact our client sites and work with them to ensure they are continuing to use the system correctly. Any issues that were not discovered during the launch / implementation phase are uncovered and resolved.

How do you ensure Wise Supplies pricing stays competitive?

Wise Supplies continually reviews and re-negotiates its wholesale pricing agreements, supplier arrangements and overall market competitiveness to ensure we continue to be the right choice for our clients.

We work with all major suppliers and wholesalers in the UK. So we have total choice of pricing and products giving us a much stronger proposition than traditional office products dealers who are usually tied to one wholesaler. We are structured specifically in a way that has lower business operating costs, so this means more cost savings can be passed directly on to our clients.

How do you help clients manage stock control?

In terms of controlling stock levels, we offer free of charge next day delivery service via either our own vans, one of our courier partners or direct from our supply partners. Coupled with our online ordering system showing a live update of exactly how many of each product lines we have in stock at any given time, there is simply no need for clients to bulk order items to keep in stock on their shelves. This helps client cashflow.

Ordering items on this ‘just in time’ basis can cut down huge amounts of client capital tied up in unnecessarily held stock. Also any critical items can be held in stock in our warehouses at agreed quantities so it cannot be ordered by any other customers and will always be available for call off and next day delivery whenever required.

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