Auditel in the Education sector

Primary students in an IT roomWhen it comes to cost management, few school bursars or FDs have the time or in-house resources to do their homework properly.

Rising Costs

Rising costs set against shrinking budgets highlight the need to make every penny count, yet many are missing out on opportunities to make valuable savings and instead, continue to pay far too much for essential services such as energy, telecoms, catering, waste management and school supplies.

Researching and continually monitoring supplier markets is a laborious task. Finding cheaper prices may be easy, but choosing a supplier who will both meet your financial needs and offer consistently high levels of service now and into the future requires specialist knowledge and expertise.

Auditel Success Stories

Balby Carr

Balby CarrBalby Carr is a Community Sports and Science College for 11-18 year-olds serving the districts of Balby and Hexthorpe in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The school currently has 1300 Students, including over 300 in the Sixth Form.  Read on

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Schools & Colleges Saving Tips

Make a commitment to reduce carbon emissions

Publish this commitment in the school ethos and policies and educate staff and pupils to turn off water and energy using appliances when they are not in use!

Upgrade heating controls

Reducing the temperature in a building by 1°C will save 5-10% of the heating bill. Operating heating systems for 1 hour less per day will save a similar amount.

Use energy efficient lighting

Lighting accounts for around half of the electricity in a typical school. Install lighting sensors in areas, which are infrequently used.

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