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Auditel – managing the costs of the Hotel and Leisure Sector

The hotel and leisure landscape is a competitive and changing environment. From boutique hotels to community leisure trusts managing a vast array of expenditure and making the most of available resources is an all too common problem.

Unique Costs

Unique cost areas for these clients can include unusual forms of energy such as LPG for remote hotels or the procurement of workwear and uniforms. For hotels with restaurants food price inflation is a real issue and deciding on a strategy for food procurement that doesn’t compromise on quality can be a minefield for those without access to the right skills and expertise.

Few organisations in this sector have the time or the resources to truly understand their cost areas and take the appropriate action to update suppliers or rid themselves of unnecessary waste. Auditel have the experts you need to examine these cost areas and provide valuable, impartial advice.

Auditel Success Stories

Broadstone Golf Club

Founded in 1898 and set in the glorious Dorset countryside, Broadstone is one of the finest examples of an unspoilt heathland golf course in the South of England, and sits in the Top 100 golf courses in the UK.  Read on

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Hotel & Leisure Saving Tips

  • Heating can account for 60% of your total energy costs.
  • Turn it down – Lowering set points by just 1°C can potentially reduce your annual heating bill by up to 8%, so reduce the temperature on the thermostat down to the minimum comfortable level.
  • Good ventilation is essential – it gives you fresh air and also helps protect a building against damp and condensation. Unnecessary ventilation can waste energy and cost you a lot of money. For example, ventilation accounts for around 30% of heat loss in most commercial buildings (an estimated 25% in industrial buildings).

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