Industry Sectors

Different industry sectors face different challenges

As a consultancy, our business is to help your business unlock hidden profits. The need to be cost-conscious has never been greater and yet, due to a lack of time and resources, many organisations throughout the UK are eroding their hard-won profits by paying over the odds for their essential business overheads.

Auditel delivers effective cost management to a range of clients throughout the UK.


In the current economic situation, charities are really feeling the pinch. Faced with cuts in Central Government funding and donations falling by as much as 20%, there is very little light at the end of what appears to be a very long tunnel. Read on

Hotel & Leisure

The hotel and leisure landscape is a competitive and changing environment. From boutique hotels to community leisure trusts managing a vast array of expenditure and making the most of available resources is an all too common problem. Read on

Professional Services

The professional services landscape is a competitive and changing environment. There is constant pressure to demonstrate client retention, business growth, and sustainable revenue streams. Read on


As a restaurant owner or manager, you know all about the day to day challenges of getting customers through the door. Competition is fierce, brand loyalty is fickle. To succeed, you need to keep both eyes on building and nurturing your core business. Read on


When it comes to cost management, few school bursars or FDs have the time or in-house resources to do their homework properly. Read on


The Transport sector is a diverse and complex environment. From logistics firms and hauliers through to shipping companies and fleet management there is continued pressure to demonstrate business growth set against a backdrop of increasing operating costs, new supply chain concepts and the demands of globalisation. Read on