Energy Management

Energy management can be a minefield

The cost of energy affects every organisation from manufacturing and leisure businesses through to the voluntary and commercial sectors. Management of this essential business cost is a minefield without access to the right skills, knowledge and processes.

The big picture

Brokers, consultants and training companies may offer solutions to single issues such as procurement or renewable energy, but put simply, they don’t look at the big ‘energy’ picture.

A complete solution

Auditel’s holistic approach to energy management provides organisations with a complete solution to their needs: from procurement of services and management of consumption, to strategic planning and the implementation of complex energy management programmes, as well as facilitating access to Government subsidies such as Feed-In tariffs and the Renewable Heating Incentive.

Auditel Success Stories


Bizerba is a leading global distribution warehouse of weighing and labelling technology for retailers. Founded in 1866 the company has approximately 2,600 employees worldwide. Bizerba UK were looking at ways to further improve on their already high environmental standards Read on

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Energy Management Saving Tips

Conduct an energy audit

Taking regular meter readings and comparing consumption over a number of months is a good idea. Better still ask an Auditel energy management consultant to do it for you.

Avoid simultaneous heating and cooling of a space

Set a ‘dead band’ of 5°C between heating and cooling, to avoid this happening.

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