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Wherever you’re based in the UK, your organisation can avail of Auditel’s expertise . Our consultants come from a wide range of industry and professional backgrounds but are all trained to the highest level in cost and purchase management consultancy. As industry leaders they understand the complexities involved in managing business overheads and will, in effect, be another member of your management team.

While the formal training programme that all Auditel consultants go through lasts twelve months, the learning and professional development programme never stops. With decades of combined experience and expertise across the network, your consultant has access to an unrivalled depth and breadth of specialist knowledge, ensuring you have access to the highest quality cost and purchase management advice available in the UK. What’s more, because our consultants come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, we can draw on specific industry insight to deliver solutions you can trust and that address the particular issues and requirements of your business.


Mr. Moffitt’s Profits Times – October 2017

Posted by: jonathanmoffitt | 12 Oct 2017

download as pdf GDPR IS YOUR BUSINESS AWARE OF THE NEW GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION WHICH REPLACES THE DATA PROTECTION DIRECTIVE 95/46/EC? This will be enforced on 25th May 2018 and non-compliance can face heavy fines. GDPR covers data on computers and in paper files. An expert has predicted it will take up to one year […]

The importance of good relations between the CFO and CPO

Posted by: jenni | 05 Oct 2017

Traditionally the CFO and CPO have been at odds with one another. The finance department wants to maintain a hold on the purse strings to ensure that the company can prosper in a healthy and maintainable way whilst the procurement office, by their very nature, want to spend. The key to a good working relationship […]

Improving building operations efficiency

Posted by: jenni | 04 Oct 2017

Green is the new black as far as company desirability is concerned. Increasingly customers are looking for companies with sustainable production methods which means investors are looking at your company’s operations efficiency. Keep Cool Low power appliances not only reduce power bills directly they also help keep your building cool by reducing the amount of […]

How can businesses ensure long term cost reductions?

Posted by: jenni | 03 Oct 2017

Cutting costs now saves money now but if, in 12-18 months, costs have risen back to their original level, was the cost reduction a false economy? One place this may often be seen is in sales, general and administrative areas, where cutting costs at one level will eventually cause costs to rise elsewhere, keeping the […]

Are you surprised by the cost of commercial waste collection?

Posted by: jenni | 29 Sep 2017

As a homeowner, you pay your council tax, put your bins out and that’s that. So, it can be quite a shock when, as a business owner, you have to pay someone directly to provide you with waste collection services. What does it cost? Every business creates waste and even if all you need is […]

Mr. Moffitt’s Profits Times – September 2017

Posted by: jonathanmoffitt | 22 Sep 2017

download as pdf Business Supplies & Stationery We PUT A FEW QUESTIONS TO OUR RESIDENT AUDITEL BUSINESS COST AREA LEADER, MAX KENT: Which is the best method for businesses to analyse Office supplies and stationery savings? I would advise all businesses that are serious about making significant, sustainable and on-going savings on their supplies and […]

The spiralling cost of doing business in the UK

Posted by: stevengodfrey | 17 Sep 2017

The British Chambers of Commerce has said that action must be taken to prevent further rises to the cost of doing business in the UK. The Independent and The Times report how the cost of pensions auto-enrolment, the National Living Wage and the Apprenticeship Levy now mean UK organisations face “unsustainable costs” – read the […]

Top 5 common problems with commercial energy suppliers

Posted by: jenni | 08 Sep 2017

We hear a lot about the terrors of the home energy market – erroneous transfers, poor customer service, overcharging and so on – and it is tempting the believe that business to business sales will be far more professional. Unfortunately, it would seem to be the case that many of the issues facing domestic customers […]

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