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10 Feb 2017 | Filed under: Cost Saving Ideas

Uncertain times? They don’t need to be

Have you noticed that whenever you pick up a paper, turn on the news, talk to a supplier everyone keeps telling you about the uncertain times we live in? Prices are expected to rise in 2017 due to the less favourable exchange rate putting increasing pressure on margins. So what have you done about it?

The answer is probably nothing. I do not mean that to be rude or as a criticism it is just most organisations can see that essential services prices are likely to rise in 2017 but feel this is outside of their direct control.

Well at Auditel we believe there are things you can do to help you plan in these uncertain times. Have you considered reviewing your essential services supplies now so you can secure contracts at todays rate, or possibly lower, which will protect you against these rises in the short to medium-term?

How effective can this be? I have recently negotiated a new gas contract for a school that will reduce their annual costs by over £30k. This is for a new 3-year contract that will secure this annual saving through until February 2020. Not so uncertain times now?

Even if you cannot negotiate new contracts, have you looked at your consumption to see if reductions can be made? We just presented a report following an Energy Efficiency review which looked at £400k energy spend and highlighted savings of £70k were achievable through improved energy efficiency – some of which required no capital investment at all.   Better still, savings from reduced consumption can be long-term or even permanent, improve your business operations and deliver value for you way into the future.

I know our clients value the work we do for them in managing their essential services costs – could your organisation benefit?

“Given the uncertain times we live in, the stability in pricing that Auditel has delivered for the club gives me great peace of mind in budgeting for the future and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other organisations.” Rod Craig, CEO, University Women’s Club (Jan 17)

If you would like to know more, or explore ways in which Auditel can help you in achieving best value, please get in touch with Laurence or Ruth (01234 708466).


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