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28 Feb 2019 | Filed under: Industry Comment

SECR – Is your organisation ready for this?

Given all of the “noise” in the media concerning Brexit it is hardly surprising many companies are not aware of their requirement to comply with the Streamline Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) which comes into effect this year, replacing the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. SECR is separate to ESOS and, if you are affected by ESOS, it is very likely you will also be required to comply with SECR – the link below will take you to a guide explaining who needs to comply and what is required.

What is SECR – Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting

If you are still unsure or need help in complying with ESOS and SECR Auditel would be delighted to discuss how we can help you in more detail. Please contact Laurence Fitch on 01234 708466 (

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