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09 Feb 2017 | Filed under: Cost Management, Doing business, Strategy

Seven Steps to Better Profits

David Gould and client

David Gould takes a client through one of the seven steps to enhanced company performance

Most of us have a pretty reasonable idea of what to expect from our professional advisers. We know that accountants are going to look at your books and turn them into statutory accounts. We know that solicitors come in many different flavours, but they will all seek instructions and agree a course of action with you to resolve a situation. Meanwhile a good coach will take you through a programme to address your particular needs.

So what happens when you hire an Auditel consultant? You will be taken through seven steps to higher profits through cost and process improvement.

1 – Scope. You agree on the cost areas involved and the order of priority. Many clients start with just one area of expenditure so they can try our service.

2 – Analysis. We take away a bunch of invoices and using our proprietary tools and systems, develop a profile of your usage and expenditure.

3 – Benchmark. You sign off on our findings and confirm the service levels you need. This is then used as the basis for the next step:

4 – Tender. We go to market and seek the best deals from a range of suppliers, thoroughly checked for financial standing, reliability and other criteria.

5 – Negotiate. We coordinate the tender responses and clear up any inconsistencies to present them to you on a level playing field. You can verify and meet any potential suppliers to gauge their suitability. We remain on the scene to help you to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

6 – Implement. We work with your chosen supplier to make any changes necessary.

7 – SAVE. The most important step. You have already saved time by outsourcing your procurement. From now on you will hold on to more of your hard-earned cash, with all the benefits to cashflow, profitability, strategic growth and company value.

In the long term, you gain resilience and competitive advantage. In the short term, you save more than enough to pay for the accountant, solicitor and business coach we were talking about at the beginning.

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