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Electricity Billing Changes that Demand Your Attention! (aka DCP 161)

31 Jul 2017 | Written by: MrOverheads aka David Powell

Three quick questions for any company wanting to keep their electric costs to a minimum Do you have a Half Hourly meter? (nb. Recent changes aka P272 may mean you unknowingly do.) 2. Do you know what your Available Capacity is? 3. Do you know what your Maximum Demand is? If not, further investigation is […]

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The impact of EDF putting business up for sale

25 May 2010 | Written by: Adrian Burton

As reported in the Daily Telegraph today in a piece written by Rowena Mason. EDF Energy has set until the 21 June to assess takeover offers for the sale of its UK electricity distribution network business. Ofgem has raised concerns over this move and has asked that National operators face similar restrictions on mergers and takeovers […]

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