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The perils of using consumer messaging apps for business

10 Mar 2019 | Written by: stevengodfrey

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort thought his encrypted WhatsApp messages were safe from FBI investigators, forgetting they could be retrieved from each recipient.  Moreover, Mr Manafort’s WhatsApp was configured to automatically backup to iCloud.  Deleting messages on a single device did not destroy them entirely as Mr Manafort discovered. A recent survey suggested that […]

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Brexit and taking your phone abroad

11 Feb 2019 | Written by: stevengodfrey

On June 15th 2017 EU rules came into force which banned roaming fees across the EU.  It gave mobile phone users the following protections: Users cannot be charged more for mobile services within the EU than in their home state (i.e. ‘roam like at home’ provisions to allow EU use of domestic voice/data bundles as […]

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Swapping UK mobile provider to become easier

13 Jan 2019 | Written by: stevengodfrey

Switching mobile phone providers generally means running the gauntlet of your current provider’s retentions team – who often try to browbeat you into staying. Ofcom legislation now means that individuals and businesses can switch providers swiftly without any discussion. From July 1st (or before) users only need to text a toll-free service. By return they […]

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Are All Your Office 365 Users Delighted?

06 Jun 2017 | Written by: jenni

Organisations are increasingly migrating to cloud-based applications. The growth in adoption of Office 365, for example, has been rapid with over 100 million active commercial customers world-wide since launch in 2011. However, its performance comes with a set of challenges. Office 365 places heavy demands on the network as it requires increased bandwidth for synchronisation […]

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A black future for smartphones ?

02 Mar 2014 | Written by: stevengodfrey

Our smartphones contain ever more personal, business and financial data.  The challenge facing manufacturers is to underpin an ever-increasing functionality with security – a dominant topic at the recent Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona.  Revelations by whistle-blower Edward Snowden that the US ‘Prism’ spy program accesses personal information from Google, Skype and Facebook […]

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