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April 1st – Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting begins

04 Feb 2019 | Written by: stevengodfrey

UK companies whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange are already required to include environmental impact assessments in their annual reports. From April 1st a number of large unquoted companies (and LLPs) must comply with the ‘Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting’ (SECR) regulations (this can include not-for-profits and entities owned by universities or […]

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Why Use Less Energy?

11 Jun 2018 | Written by: jenni

Hello I’m Paul Strachan and I operate a registered office of the Auditel Network. I work with organisations of all sizes to increase their profitability, become more efficient and in time increase their productivity. In previous videos I’ve spoken about practical ways on how to use less energy, so today I thought I’d talk about […]

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Excess Capacity Charges

04 Jun 2018 | Written by: jenni

Hello, I’m Paul Strachan and I operate a registered office of the Auditel Network. I have worked with businesses of all sizes, to help increase the profitability become more efficient and in time increase the productivity. Now today I’d like to talk about electricity charges, but more specifically about excess capacity charges. Ofgem has introduced […]

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Reducing Energy Expenditure Part 2

14 May 2018 | Written by: jenni

Hello I’m Paul Strachan and I operate a registered office of the Auditel Network. I help businesses to increase their profitability, become more efficient, and in time increase their productivity. This is part two of a four part series, so if you haven’t watched the first you can go back and see it here. So […]

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5 top building control tips to improve your energy management

10 Apr 2018 | Written by: jenni

Energy is a huge expense for businesses today. Improve your energy management by using building controls more efficiently. Here are some tips to help you get started… Channel your big data into smart data – Businesses have access to huge amounts of data today, which sensors and other controls technology gather. However, merely accumulating this […]

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Are you aware of the changes to your energy charges from 1st April 2018 (DCP 161)?

05 Mar 2018 | Written by: jenni

A new measure from Ofgem, DCP 161 signals a change to the DCUSA (Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement). It means that excess capacity charges will be applied if half hourly supplies exceed the capacity assigned. These excess capacity charges are set to increase bills significantly. What’s the cost? As of 1st April 2018, […]

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What is preventing better energy management decisions for UK businesses?

05 Mar 2018 | Written by: jenni

All businesses want to be efficient, right? We all know that that you save 100% of the cost of an item not purchased so cutting down on the amount purchased will give you a better saving/unit than a marginal improvement in unit pricing. So, what is preventing energy efficiency improvement in UK businesses? A recent […]

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Is energy management optimised in your hotel?

03 Jan 2018 | Written by: jenni

Using more energy than necessary can seriously eat into your property revenue. Even small changes to energy management can make a big impact on your bills. Becoming more energy efficient has three obvious benefits; it saves money, is kinder to the environment and is attractive to prospective customers. As many as 50% of guests are […]

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Sustainability can save your business money

04 Dec 2017 | Written by: jenni

Becoming a sustainable business can improve both your overall revenue and reputation. Whilst it may not seem like an obvious priority for busy business owners, it really is worth the effort. In the past, there has been confusion as to what sustainability really means and how much effort it would take to improve the sustainability […]

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Diary of an ESOS Lead Assessor

02 Feb 2016 | Written by: nigelcollins

Of the 10,000 organisations captured by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), 40% were still non-compliant by the 29th January extended deadline, according to this article, edie.net The last few months have been a very busy time for me as a Lead Assessor including undertaking energy audits of buildings, (some with industrial processes), and transport. I […]

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