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Brexit and taking your phone abroad

11 Feb 2019 | Written by: stevengodfrey

On June 15th 2017 EU rules came into force which banned roaming fees across the EU.  It gave mobile phone users the following protections: Users cannot be charged more for mobile services within the EU than in their home state (i.e. ‘roam like at home’ provisions to allow EU use of domestic voice/data bundles as […]

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What will the UK economy do in 2019 ?

16 Oct 2018 | Written by: stevengodfrey

The EY ITEM Club are a leading UK economic forecasting group.  Their Autumn 2018 forecast stated “Business is not going to be able to rely on the economy to deliver growth.”  With the budget due on October 29th and BREXIT early next year, how will your company fund growth in 2019 and beyond ? EY […]

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Do you know what your business pain points are?

06 Jun 2018 | Written by: jenni

Growing a small business is challenging, time-consuming and potentially stressful due to the challenges faced by small business owners. Recognising your business pain points can help you to tackle your challenges head on. Understanding the politics With Brexit at the forefront of our minds, business owners are unsure what the impact of the change will […]

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Mr. Moffitt’s Profits Times – May 2018

09 May 2018 | Written by: jonathanmoffitt

click to open as pdf Brexit and the Energy Market OUR RESIDENT AUDITEL GURU, CHRIS BARRETT, GIVES HIS VIEWS ON BREXIT AND THE ENERGY MARKET: Brexit raises a number of challenges for the energy market, The key areas being the impact on energy prices in the UK, security of supply and legislation. The UK energy […]

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What is the residential care sector doing to bridge the current funding gap?

16 Aug 2017 | Written by: jenni

With many local authorities facing budgetary cuts, and an unclear future regarding the political landscape, especially with a looming Brexit, authorities are left with no option but to revert to more commercial thinking and initiatives when it comes to the funding of residential care. Capitalising on business growth In a conference in July held by […]

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The Impact of Brexit on Hospitality

16 Aug 2017 | Written by: jenni

There has been plenty of talk and many views aired with regards to Brexit and what it means for the food and hospitality industries. Amongst these articles and their various findings what stood out was a study conducted by William Reed. Potential Brexit issues The study revealed that if Brexit wiped out 20% from the […]

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