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Making Business Buying Decisions

09 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

Hello I’m Paul Strachan and I operate a registered office of the Auditel network, I work with organisations of all sizes to help them become more profitable, improve their efficiencies and help them in time to become more productive. It’s been said, that before making any business buying decisions, make sure that you know what […]

Is your board asking the right questions about IT?

05 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

For decades now, Boards have understood that new technology will help them gain an advantage but have been asking the wrong questions so haven’t been able to fully utilise the gains the new technology promises. Instead of asking “What’s the name of that new system?” ask “How is the nature of competition in our industry […]

Is your invoice process a burden to your business?

05 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

We don’t like them at the best of times, but poorly written invoices can be a huge headache for supply management – costing businesses time and money to sort out. A recent supply management survey found that over half of businesses have to deal with invoices for incorrect amounts on a regular basis, while around […]

Getting the most out of your consultant… it isn’t just about the cheapest price

05 Jul 2018 | Written by: chrisbarrett

As ‘consultant’ I am often taken on to negotiate the best price for a customer or to simply take away the hassle of doing so. However as an ‘Auditel Consultant’ I invariably find profitability improvements that the customer was not expecting. I have recently I have identified unexpected savings from a more detailed review of […]

Cloud vs On Premises – which is right for you?

04 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

With offers from providers such as Microsoft to encourage the migration to cloud technologies, it can be very tempting to see only the benefits. And while the benefits are undeniable, there are plenty of reasons why a cloud-computing model – or at least one that incorporates public clouds – is undesirable. Legal compliance GDPR should […]

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How do you manage international payments?

04 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

Whether you regularly deal internationally or not, in today’s business climate it is almost impossible to avoid international payments. And yet if you do not understand foreign exchange rates it can be easy to lose money along the way, eating into profits and potentially turning into an expensive gamble. Should you keep your money in […]

Energy Update – 2nd July 2018

04 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

Looking for the truth in energy price data… take a comprehensive view

03 Jul 2018 | Written by: chrisbarrett

Predicting energy price movements is tricky, particularly when the market is driven by sentiment i.e. market traders speculating on what might happen rather than what is happening. I myself made an embarrassing prediction last year that energy prices would spike when oil production caps were finally agreed. This followed a period of mini-spikes at the […]

How to Reduce your Fuel Costs

02 Jul 2018 | Written by: jenni

Hello, I’m Paul Strachan and I run a registered office of the Auditel Network. I work with organisations of all sizes to increase their profitability, improve their efficiency, and in time help them become more productive. Last time I was talking about fleet management (You can read this back here), so to continue on that […]

Auditel’s expertise can make a real and sustainable difference to your mobile phone expenditure

28 Jun 2018 | Written by: jenni

The growing complexity of mobile phone tariffs is such that without the help of dedicated analysis and management tools, things can quickly get out of hand. Billing errors are easily overlooked, savings opportunities, especially on international calls, are missed and profits that could be reinvested in the business end up in the pockets of the […]



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