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Consort Frozen Foods are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with their Carbon Partner, Auditel, to deliver on their strategic objective of reaching Net Zero.

Consort Frozen Foods is the UK’s specialist ice cream wholesaler. Established in 1987 at its Head Office in Burgess Hill, West Sussex,  Consort now has additional depots in Ashford, Kent and in Edmonton, North London which enables them to deliver to all of London & the South East. Close working relationships with other likeminded wholesalers throughout the UK also allows Consort to  deliver to vast areas of the UK including Wales and Scotland.

Andrew Rewell, Operations Manager for Consort Frozen Foods comments. “The Consort Group cares about being the best in frozen distribution. We care about having the best customer/supplier relationships to enable us to provide the best service in the market. We are proud of what we do and care about providing the best environment for our teams to reach their potential.

Auditel has worked with the Consort Group for many years, helping us to achieve savings on our energy and vehicle fuel costs, therefore they were the obvious choice when it came to seeking a partner to assist with our environmental goals.

“Auditel has been helping the Consort Group achieve savings on our energy and vehicle fuel costs for many years, therefore they were the obvious choice when it came to seeking a partner to assist with our green goals. Mapping our Carbon footprint will help us to focus on where we need to reduce our environmental impact, while installing Solar PV will generate 33% of our own energy, cut costs and reduce our CO2 emissions.”

Andrew Rewell, Consort  Operations Manager

Caring for our customers, products and staff goes beyond our core business function and therefore we are really pleased to be working with Auditel on two key projects which will help us focus on our business and personal responsibilities to be as green as we can.

We are delighted to have engaged with Auditel to map our current carbon footprint to allow us to clearly see where we can reduce the environmental impact of our operation, both up and down stream, and our aim is to become Verified Carbon Neutral to PAS 2060.

In addition to the above, working with Auditel specialists has identified Solar PV as a suitable investment for us as a heavy user of electricity at our three depots in the South East. The main consideration for installing Solar PV is to generate up to 33% of our own energy, which will reduce our CO2 emissions and thus our impact on the environment.

Such a project will also serve to significantly reduce costs within the business, particularly in view of the recent price increases in imported electricity. By installing a PV project behind the meter, our business will secure a significant physical hedge against future energy price volatility.