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Consort Frozen Foods are delighted to announce that with the installation of their impressive solar project they have made a significant step forward in delivering on their strategic objective of reaching Net Zero.

Consort Frozen Foods is the UK’s specialist ice cream wholesaler. Established in 1987 at its Head Office in West Sussex, Consort now has additional depots in Kent and North London which enables them to deliver to all of London & the South East. Close working relationships with other like-minded wholesalers also allows Consort to deliver to vast areas of the UK including Wales and Scotland.

Andrew Rewell, Operations Manager for Consort Frozen Foods, comments. “The Consort Group cares about being the best in frozen distribution. We care about having the best customer/supplier relationships to enable us to provide the best service in the market. We are proud of what we do and care about providing the best environment for our teams to reach their potential. Auditel has worked with the Consort Group for many years, helping us to achieve savings on our energy and vehicle fuel costs, therefore they were the obvious choice when it came to seeking a partner to assist with our environmental goals.

Caring for our customers, products and staff goes beyond our core business function and therefore we are really pleased to be working with Auditel on two key projects which will help us focus on our business and personal responsibilities to be as green as we can. We are delighted to have engaged with Auditel to map our current carbon footprint , which will allow us to clearly see where we can reduce the environmental impact of our operation and speed us on our journey to Net Zero. As part of the Carbon Reduction Planning, Auditel specialists were able to identify Solar PV as a suitable investment for us as a heavy user of electricity at our three depots in the South East.”

“Consorts impressive new Solar PV is generating 32% of our own energy”

Auditel’s carbon Auditor Ian Hopping and Solar PV specialist David McDonald initially produced a desktop review to demonstrate the potential costs & benefits of adding Solar PV to Consort’s sites and proving the business case for the investment.

Auditel tendered the project to a number of suitable suppliers, which resulted in quotes varying by over £80k, amply demonstrating the value of the tender. Auditel assessed the results, taking into consideration not just the cost, but also the quality of the design, the technical ability, qualifications, warranties and ongoing support offered by the supplier before making a recommendation to the client.

Auditel’s knowledge of the sector and extensive procurement expertise ensured that Consort received the best value solution.

“Installing Solar PV has generated 32% of our own energy, which will reduce our CO2 emissions by 62tCO2e and thus our impact on the environment. We will also significantly reduce costs within the business, particularly in view of the recent price increases in imported electricity.”

Andrew Rewell, Consort  Operations Manager

The Auditel team project managed the installation, tracking any amendments to the original tender submissions to ensure that the schemes were built in accordance with the original pricing. This resulted in the final cost coming in 5% lower than the original tender pricing. The installation is now complete, and the panels are now generating renewable energy to offset the site demand.

 Total Solar PV installed = 407kWp

 Energy Produced = 32% across two sites

 Carbon Reduction = 62 tCO2e pa

Andrew Rewell continues, “The main consideration for installing Solar PV has been the ability generate 32% of our own energy, which will reduce our CO2 emissions and thus our impact on the environment. Such a project will also serve to significantly reduce costs within the business, particularly in view of the recent price increases in imported electricity. By installing a PV project behind the meter, our business will secure a significant physical hedge against future energy price volatility.

At Consort we were mindful of our reliance on purchased electricity and, in conjunction with this we are at the mercy of global forces when it comes to our energy costs, therefore we wished to find an alternative, greener source of energy that could be installed at our depots. Although Auditel had already helped us to secure 100% Renewable Energy, we wished to go further in reducing our carbon footprint and at the same time protect ourselves from future price fluctuations in energy costs. Having worked with Auditel for some years in relation to our energy procurement, when it came to securing a partner for this project, they were our first choice.

We quickly realised that they had the knowledge and drive to assist us in understanding the cost, potential output and payback periods for this project. Much of the initial data produced was certainly beyond our scope of understanding but Auditel took the time to explain to us, in language that we could understand, what the impact of this project would be on our business. From initial conception, to securing a robust contractor, through to commissioning of the Solar PV we had Auditel to turn to for advice.”