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Colemans are delighted and proud to announce our ambition to achieve carbon neutrality and have appointed Auditel as our Carbon Partner, a leading Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company, to support us on our journey towards Net Zero.

Colemans are 60 years established in demolition and deconstruction services. Key to what we do is equipping our people with the knowledge, experience and the necessary resources to deliver our deconstruction services, staying ahead of the market curve.

To enable us to do this, we have continued to invest. Colemans have built an integrated portfolio of services fit for the present and designed for the future, with a focus on safety, sustainability and quality.

Over the past 12 months we have established our baseline carbon footprint and started work on our decarbonisation journey as we focus on our net zero ambitions.

Mark Coleman, Managing Director comments, “The construction industry as a whole has historically been a large energy user and waste producer. As a responsible sub-contractor with a commitment to protecting the environment, Colemans are on a journey to becoming Net Zero, and have put specific targets in place. Auditel have been great and worked closely with Colemans to put together our carbon reduction plan.

They are always available to help, or improve our knowledge of this important subject. Auditel have also assisted with energy and carbon reducing capital expenditure projects, specifically a solar array and a new HVAC system for our Head Office.

International standards, such as ISO 14068, and government legislation, mean that companies such as Colemans are facing tougher environmental challenges. We are determined to be one of the leading sub-contractors in our field to act on environmental sustainability – so we approached Auditel to help guide us through our transformation to becoming Net Zero.”

David Wilshin, Carbon Specialist at Auditel said. “Colemans have a great leadership team and since day 1 of our business relationship they have demonstrated a strong commitment to understanding their environmental impact and finding ways to reduce the business’ greenhouse gas emissions. We look forward to continuing to work with Colemans’ as they progress their net zero projects in 2024 and beyond”.