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CMD has joined forces with their new Carbon Partner Auditel to deliver their objective of reaching net Zero.

Working alongside CMD’s Finance, Production, Purchasing and Operations teams, Auditel’s Carbon Auditors have calculated CMD’s carbon footprint to be 398 tCO2e. Together, they are now designing Carbon Reduction Plans to proactively lower CMDs scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Jamie Cox CMDs’ Operations Manager takes up the story, “As well as the widespread coverage about the need to become net zero, we have been driven internally too from our customers and employees. We supply to customers on framework agreements for large blue-chip customers as well as government contracts and we were starting to get lots of questions about how we were measuring and taking steps to actively reduce our carbon footprint, and also how we compare to others in the market. Our employees are actively aware and positively challenging the changes that can be made to make an impact.  This gave us a real focus on this, as we want to be able to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and employees.

It has been a fantastic experience working with the Auditel team. The level of expertise and professionalism and the standards they work to are amazing, especially when talking about solar energy. The Auditel team have been able to give us something we can visualise, something we can target and something we can go and work with.

A big benefit for us has been the identification of the types of suppliers. The categorisation of suppliers, how we could set up boundaries and how we could get our first scope 1,2 & 3 emissions calculated. The next step for us is to work with Mike and Alan to really nail down that ongoing data collection, how we can refine that and to start setting our targets.”

Auditel’s support has been exceptional. It helped CMD create our vision of ‘Making CMD Carbon Free’. This journey to net zero will become part of our culture as a company.

Jamie Cox – CMD’s Operations Manager

Auditel Carbon Specialist, Alan Ford, comments, “It was a pleasure to work with the staff at CMD on this project. They are all clearly committed to reducing their emissions across the company and have engaged their whole workforce in this journey. We had a 100% completion rate for the staff surveys to understand commuting and work from home patterns. This is unheard of for most organisations and shows the level of engagement we had from the staff at CMD.”

Jamie  concludes, “Auditel’s support has been exceptional. It helped us create our vision of making CMD Carbon Free. This journey to net zero will become part of our culture as a company. We have got posters around on our walls and we are giving each department the opportunity to consider challenging our suppliers to ensure we are considering carbon impact as well as price and quality. As we change as a business, we will show the impact each new initiative has made to reduce our footprint regardless of how small.”

About CMD 

CMD are a British manufacturer who create solutions to meet the challenges of integrating power and 

AV/data access for people working in offices and commercial spaces. They provide a total product range from underfloor powertrack and power hub power distributions systems, floor boxes, workstation power and AV/data modules to monitor arms, CPU supports and cable management solutions.

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