Over £3 million savings and counting for YMCA

YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. YMCA England and Wales is made up of a national council of 116 independent YMCAs across the country. Together, they support 228,000 young people every year.

The partnership between YMCA and Auditel is one built on trust, co-operation and, above all, results. Over the last 15 years, Auditel has secured over £3 million of savings network-wide. Working with both YMCA England and Wales and an increasing number of independent YMCA organisations across the country, the focus is on achieving both cost savings and efficiency gains. Acting as a vital procurement resource, Auditel has the scope of knowledge and experience to undertake all essential overheads projects on behalf of the group.

After initially being retained by YMCA England and Wales in 2004 to review essential services costs, Auditel, led by Consultant Gillian Gibbon, quickly became a valued asset to the organisation. As trusted partners of YMCA England and Wales, Auditel handles energy procurement and supplier management for the estates’ 90+ charity shops. Monthly bill validation combined with a consultative approach to future spend is leading the charity towards a more energy and cost-efficient future.

“Auditel has managed our energy buying for many years and we have just re-engaged them for a further term. We like the monthly management service, which checks and validates all our bills and provides reporting to help us manage our budgets. This saves our team the workload, whilst having peace of mind that we are getting best value on our energy procurement and that all energy related issues are being managed on our behalf.” CEO, YMCA St Helens.

As with most charities, independent YMCAs are operated by small, efficient teams whose main focus is to ensure maximum impact in their local communities. When faced with limited or, in some cases, no procurement resource, YMCA managers turn to Auditel for their knowledge and expertise in the market.

Auditel’s flexible, no-nonsense approach to fees allows individual YMCAs to interact on best-fit terms, from share of savings – essentially a no-win, no-fee structure – to fixed fee and brokerage options. Coupled with buying power and the ability to leverage existing contacts, Auditel brings a wealth of benefits which not only include savings but improved supplier relationships, ongoing management and clarity over spend – vital for any charitable organisation.

The last 15 years have seen Gillian and her fellow Auditel specialists undertake a plethora of reviews, tenders, supplier management and procurement consultancy across a wide range of cost centres. However, one of the most common areas for concern across the YMCA network remains energy consumption and efficiency. Alongside streamlining and consolidating supplies, which often simultaneously reduces costs and increases visibility on spend, Gillian continues to work with key stakeholders to reduce consumption through changes in attitudes and behaviours. The most recent project involves conducting energy audits at a sample of YMCA sites. Key learnings can then be shared and applied across the estate for the benefit of all.