Fifteen years of savings and added value for Yeo Group

Yeo Group is a longstanding Felixstowe business whose venues include Café Bencotto, The Alex Bar and Brasserie and Viewpoint Café. Known particularly for its friendly style of service, Yeo Group strives to provide locals and visitors alike with quality food and a pleasant atmosphere in stunning environments – all at a reasonable price point.

When Yeo Group Managing Director, Tim Yeo, appointed Auditel, his goal was simple: ensure that gas and electricity costs were being handled as economically as possible. Now, over 15 years later, Auditel have become a truly trusted partner and, in Tim’s own words, provide a ‘first-class service’ that strengthens the business now, and for the future.

“There’s a lot of money at stake in utilities,” explained Tim. “When I first met with Auditel, we didn’t have the resource in house to review contracts and negotiate with suppliers. What started as a cost-reduction exercise has become a strategic procurement service which continues to deliver savings and benefits for the business.”

Auditel consultant, Paul Copsey, and his team of specialists now manage utilities across the venues. As the markets continue to evolve and suppliers become more competitive, Auditel is able to effectively retender contracts back out to the open market. By conducting detailed monthly invoicing checks and leveraging renewal windows, they achieve best market value year-on-year whilst ensuring smooth service with minimal impact on Tim’s time.

“My involvement is minimal and yet decision making remains firmly in my hands. Over the years we’ve saved significant sums of money. As the market changes, we still see cost savings but the added benefits such as supplier management, really come into their own,” said Tim.

When an electricity undercharge at The Alex was reclaimed, one of Paul’s specialist team negotiated the best possible solution with the supplier, minimising the impact on Yeo Group.

“Auditel work to protect the best interests of the business. It’s not just about saving money, though that’s often the outcome. They have been key in implementing meter changes where necessary and intervening with suppliers to address issues or concerns,” said Tim. “There’s a cost to this sort of strategic management, whether it’s time and resource internally or by utilising an external expert. I feel more secure knowing that Auditel are supporting the business in the background.”

Yeo Group benefits from ongoing monthly post-audit checks to ensure that unit charges, standing order charges and usage figures are accurate and promised service levels are being met. As a testament to the strength of the relationship, Auditel have recommended trusted suppliers to Yeo Group with successful outcomes. And Paul and his team are currently in talks to review additional overheads including Waste and Recycling, and Merchant Services.