Auditel deliver time after time
for United Wholesale Scotland

Reducing Costs & Reducing Carbon by 500.80 tCO2e

United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd is a multi-award-winning wholesaler supplying a broad range of quality branded products to the convenience retail market across Scotland. United are a well operated business from a cost management point of view but Auditel still managed to, and continue to, reduce their costs.

Sean Connaughton, a Carbon & Cost Management Specialist with Auditel was introduced to the directors of United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd by a mutual acquaintance who had experience of Sean and the range of services he provided to his clients.   Chris Gallacher, UWS’s Managing Director says: “We were impressed by what Sean had to say about the value that Auditel could bring to United but were cautious about engaging with an outsourced resource on procurement, however their no-gain-no-fee model swayed us to try it. We decided to try a couple of projects initially to gain trust and allow Auditel to earn their spurs. We haven’t looked back since”

“We have been engaged with Auditel for 2 years now and they have assisted us on many projects including energy efficiency and procurement.  The advice we receive is always thorough and precise, and I always believe they have our best interests at heart.”

Chris Gallacher, UWS’s Managing Director

The first project that Auditel delivered was on energy management where UWS had a concern about the amount of gas they were consuming heating the warehouses. An Energy Management System was installed to monitor and regulate gas usage for the heating which resulted in a reduction in consumption of 25%.

Impressed with the results, UWS engaged Auditel to review the charges they were paying for their Merchant Services. Having just entered a new contract with a new supplier, Chris was sceptical that anything could be done in this area.

Sean and his team reviewed the current contract and worked closely with the incumbent provider to deliver further savings of 19% from the original agreement.  Costs savings are important to UWS in the projects that Auditel deliver on their behalf, however carbon reduction is also vitally important. With this in mind, the next projects chosen included reviewing the field sales teams vehicles and whether the transition from diesel to EV’s was a feasible solution both in terms of costs and carbon reduction.

The fleet review highlighted that by switching to EV’s, not only would there be 15% savings over the duration of the contract, UWS would reduce their carbon emissions by 86 tCO2e annually.  A similar review of the Forklift truck & MHE fleet also delivered 24% cost savings and a further annual reduction of 116 tCO2e of emissions.

United Wholesale total annual carbon reduction 500.80 tCO2e

Sean and the team then switched their attention to deliver a full review of United’s waste management and recycling. A comprehensive analysis of their current and future requirements was followed by a full tender process which delivered over 29% savings on their waste management costs and un uplift of 39% on the recycling rebates.

Auditel also manage all UWS’s utilities, gas electricity & water. Not only do Auditel tender and procure the best market rates on their behalf, but their invoice validation service also recently recovered over £21,000 for one of their premises which have been overcharged for electricity. A bulk fuel project then followed which linked the price paid, to the wholesale market and delivers a guaranteed 2ppl saving against an already competitive price.

Currently several energy reduction and generation projects are under way including Solar PV, Voltage Optimisation and Refrigeration Optimisation which will result in a reduction of over 150 tCO2e of emissions and annual energy savings of over £250,000.

Projects in the pipeline for 2023 include, Mobile Phones, Printers & Copiers, Fixed-Line communications & WAN, Stationery and Achieving their Net Zero Target.

Chris Gallacher added: “We have been engaged with Auditel for 2 years now and they have assisted us on many projects including energy efficiency and procurement, fleet, waste management, merchant services, amongst others.  The advice we receive is always thorough and precise, and I always believe they have our best interests at heart. When Auditel talk about a self-funding service, it really is true. They have become a trusted outsourced member of our team. Working on a share of savings basis means we enjoy a no-risk, no-gain-no-fee approach to procurement”