Auditel helps UK Fashion & Textile Association to cut their coat according to their cloth

Auditel’s highly effective approach to cost management has made UKFT aware of the savings that can be achieved on the services provided to them, without compromising on quality.

The UK Fashion & Textile Association is the most inclusive British network for fashion and textile companies. It brings together designers, manufacturers, agents and retailers to promote their businesses and industry throughout the UK and internationally.

Auditel was first introduced to UK Fashion & Textile’s CEO, John Miln, as a result of a recommendation by their finance partners in 2013. He explains: “After hearing about the savings our finance partners had made through Auditel we were keen to see how this service could work for us and how much difference it could make to our annual budget.”

Auditel consultant Gail Clark says, “Auditel’s approach to cost management is based on our proven process, backed up by powerful, bespoke analytical tools and a vast knowledge base that enable us to work faster and smarter.”

In membership organisations such as UKFT, telecoms and office costs such as photocopiers are major cost areas and Auditel started their investigation of UKFT’s business costs with an in-depth analysis of their fixed line and mobile expenditure.

The comprehensive report that followed indicated that substantial improvements could be made – recommendations that Auditel have converted into annual savings of 36% on fixed line telecommunications and a massive 60% on mobiles.

Turning their attention to photocopiers, waste and IT infrastructure, Auditel were again able to demonstrate how their expertise across the full  spectrum of business costs and knowledge of the supplier market can deliver substantial and sustainable savings.

John comments: “We have been very pleased with the professional and diligent approach that Gail Clark and her team at Auditel have adopted to reviewing a significant proportion of our operating costs. We have been delighted to secure savings across the spectrum of our services but particularly so in the use of photocopiers and telecoms.”