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Trafford Community Leisure Trust

Trafford Community Leisure TrustTrafford Community Leisure Trust has been providing local leisure facilities for the Trafford community since April 2003. The Trust facilities are made up of 7 leisure centres and 2 golf courses.

Case Study:

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Trafford Community Leisure Trust

Left to right: Mike Andrews, Auditel Consultant; John Matson, Area Manager; Judith Ashurst, Auditel Consultant and Bernie Jones, Chief Executive

Auditel consultant Mike Andrews first met John Matson, one of the Area Manager’s, in June 2005 when they had recently become a Charitable Trust, having previously been part of the council. The Trust’s most pressing issue was to secure a climate change levy exemption for two of their CHP plants.

Armed with the challenge to maintain the CHP plants ccl exemption Mike enlisted the help of Auditel consultants Judith and Peter Ashurst. Through careful analysis and the subsequent calculations an impressive rebate totalling £27,000 was achieved. Furthermore, to prevent there being a need to undertake these calculations in the future they set out to have all the sites registered as charities for energy use. This meant proving that a significant percentage of the Trust was of a charitable nature and not run for profit. TCLT can now not only claim a climate change levy rebate on all sites but they are also exempt from all further calculations to be done on the CHP plants.

“It has been a pleasant change to work with a company who has carried exactly what they promised when we first met. Not only have Auditel’s efforts saved me and others in the Trust a considerable amount of time, the money we have received in rebates and reduced ongoing costs is being reinvested within the Trust.
Auditel’s ongoing reviews are ensuring that new opportunities for saving are still being highlighted and any issues with current contracts are being resolved.”
– John Matson, Area Manager

The Trust’s electricity and gas supplies are in contract until 2007 and 2009. However a further 31% saving was achieved on one site that was out of contract. Mike and the team are continuing to help the trust manage their energy suppliers as well as advising on ways to reduce energy consumption to become more environmentally friendly.

After the savings found as a result of the energy audit, TCLT invited the Auditel consultants to carry out cost management reviews of other essential services expenditure. An ongoing 10% saving was achieved on water bills for non-return to sewer costs, as well as a £5,000 rebate. About to be implemented is a 36% saving on the Trust’s call charges and savings have also been found by changing the existing phone arrangements. These savings can be invested back into TCLT’s communications in the new phone system which will free up staff time by the introduction of features.

Savings Achieved:

£27,000 Energy rebates
£2,100 Savings on Energy contract
£5,000 Savings on Water and Sewerage
£5,000 Water Rebate
£3,000 Savings on Fixed Line Calls
£8,000 Savings on Fixed Line System

Total Saving: £47,100

pdfthumb01.gif Download a PDF copy of the case study.