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Tindle Radio

Tindle radioTindle Radio own and operate nine local commercial radio stations on the UK mainland and Channel Islands, and have shareholdings in several others.

Sir Ray Tindle feels strongly that the role of the local radio station is to be an essential part of the community; his policy is to maintain the identity of each station and to empower the Tindle Radio Management Team and local management to deliver the best possible results..

Case Study:

Tindle Radio Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Tindle Radio

Left to right: David Lovell, Group Financial Director, Tindle Radio; Paul Copsey and Nigel Collins, Auditel Consultants

Operating nine sites across the UK and Channel Islands, David Lovell, Tindle Radio’s Group Financial Director was keen to make sure that they were on top of their business costs across the group.

David explains, “Initially we just wanted to make sure that, without compromising quality, our managed supplies were as low as possible, with a particular emphasis on energy expenditure across the group.”

David appointed Paul to investigate the electricity, fixed line and mobile telecoms costs and Paul invited Auditel colleague Nigel Collins to work on the project with him. As a result of their thorough investigation considerable savings have been achieved: over £31,000 on electricity across eight sites which represents a saving of over 32%; over 23% on fixed line costs and a further 32% on mobiles.

“ I’m more than happy to recommend them and can only see their service being of benefit to other organisations.” – David Lovell, Group Financial Director

David is delighted, “Auditel’s professionalism and attention to detail is impressive. They have managed to make savings for us in every category under their management. And best of all, these savings haven’t affected the quality of services at all. In fact, if anything, the quality has increased!

“Auditel now handle any problems with billing or contracts, and provide us with regular detailed reports and updates whenever necessary, but without overloading my in-tray! The time this saves myself, my accountant and admin team makes such a difference.

“We’ve just asked Auditel to look at another recently acquired site that was previously managed by another firm, a fact that speaks volumes for the Auditel service.”

Savings Achieved:

Electricity – £31,935 (32.32% Saving)
Fixed Line Telecoms – £4,445 (43% Saving)
Mobiles – £7,376 (32.81% Saving)

Download a PDF copy of the case study.