Target Housing redistribute the savings Auditel has made on utilities to improve their services

Shaun Needham is the Deputy Chief Executive of South Yorkshire-based charity Target Housing which provides housing for ex-offenders and vulnerable adults in over a hundred properties in the area.

Target Housing is a South Yorkshire based charity which has been providing accommodation and support to homeless and vulnerable people for over 21 years.

With a hundred properties spread across South Yorkshire it was agreed with Auditel that utilities were the most important costs to look into first.

Shaun first met Auditel Consultant Gillian Gibbon in his previous post and she was one of the first names on his list to call when he took up his current position.

Shaun says, “My first experience of Auditel and Gillian Gibbon had turned out very well and I was certain that Target Housing could benefit from their services too. “We rely heavily on Local and National Government funding, but in the current economic climate and national cuts, those funds have been reduced dramatically. They are hitting us very hard and we need to take every opportunity to save money.”

With the exception of Target’s two offices, all of these properties are houses rather than businesses and instead of electronically stored billing data all of them provided paper-based accounts, resulting in a mountain of analysis work for Gillian’s colleague, Auditel Consultant Simon Hooper, to wade through both initially and every month thereafter. The hard work more than paid off.

Auditel delivered savings of 37% on gas and 31% on electricity and followed that up with a formidable 65% on both fixed line and mobile telecoms.

A delighted Shaun continues, “The savings that Auditel have made for us not only mean that our operating expenses are lower but that we can redistribute the money to subsidise other areas and improve the services we provide.”

“It would be impossible for us to achieve the results that Auditel have delivered. Even if we could, it would take far too long. We are looking to expand and these savings and the knowledge that Auditel are continually checking the market to make sure our costs are as streamlined as possible gives me great confidence when I look at suppliers’ estimates and work out how much Auditel will be able to save us.”